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Woman with headscarf, 1966, watercolor, 29X20 cm
Blue cart, 1970, watercolor, 18X25 cm
The green house, 1972, ink, 21X29 cm
View from the window, Suceava, 1974, ink, 29X21 cm
A house with personality, 1979, watercolor, 29X21 cm
Gate in Deva, 1980, watercolor, 42X30 cm
Violet trees, 1983, watercolor, 39X27 cm
Self-portrait, 1978, ink, 20X20 cm
The tree near the fence, 1985, watercolor, 29X42 cm
No title, 1998, ink_ paper
Our shadows, 2012, watercolor, 21X29 cm
The cabin, 1967, ink_ paper, 25X35 cm
Blue tree, 2012, watercolor, 42X29 cm
The green house, Eforie sud, 2011, watercolor, 29X42 cm
Signs on green background, 1981, watercolor, 33X42 cm
The Carol park, trees, 1983, watercolor, 29X45 cm
A house with pair, 1981, watercolor, 32X42 cm
Happiness, 1966, watercolor, 29X20 cm
Along the poplars, 1981, watercolor, 42X29 cm
Scarecrow, 1985, ink_ paper, 20X12 cm
Scarecrow, 1985, ink_ paper, 20X12 cm
No title, 2011, 42X30 cm
The tree on the street, Eforie Nord, 1985, watercolor, 29X42 cm
The sea at Eforie Nord, 1985, watercolor, 30X42 cm
Nude curled up, ink/tracing paper, 26X32 cm
Rocks and sea, 1984, watercolor, 29X42 cm
Spectators, 1957, ink/paper, 17X8 cm
The green boat, landscape, 1973, watercolor, 34X49 cm
Peace, 1961, woodcut, 53X41 cm
In memoriam, menorah, 1974, mixed media, 36X49 cm
Edith Mayer, 1960, ink, 15X10 cm
Composition 2, 1967, 38X55 cm
Fall, 1977, watercolor,42X29 cm
Woman with scarf, 1960, ink, pencil_ paper, 32X35 cm
Landscape with two trees in Braila, 1977, 30X40 cm
Gate of a world, 1978, mixed media, 42X29 cm
Somewhere in Targoviste, 1978, watercolor,48X33 cm
House with style, 1978, watercolor, 29X21 cm
Raluca, 1990, ink_ paper, 38X25 cm
Tree of life, 1978, watercolor, 29X21 cm
Poseta shop, 1980, watercolor, 42X30 cm
On a quiet street, 1979, watercolor and pencils, 21X30 cm
Tree with blue house, 1980, watercolor, 49X33 cm
The aunt, 1966, ink_ paper, 29X21 cm
Porch towards the hills, 1980, watercolor, 40X29 cm
Motherhood, 1957, ink_ paper, 22X15 cm
Rain, 1965, watercolor, 29X29 cm
Ships in Galati harbor, 1968, ink, watercolor_ paper, 35X49 cm
The noizy tree, 1965, watercolor, 28X40 cm
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