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Yellow leaves on abstract background, 2009, oil_canvas, 30x50 cm
Cheries with landscape, 2008, oil_canvas, 40x50 cm
Violets, 2015, oil/canvas, 40x30 cm
Green chair with leaves, 2015, oilcanvas, 50x40 cm
Nude on armchair, 2015, oil/canvas, 60x50 cm
After the opening day, 2015, oil/canvas, 65x70 cm
Daria contrejour, 2014, oil/canvas, 45x60 cm
Poppies, 2014, oil/canvas, 70x50 cm
The blue top, 2014, oil/canvas, 40x55 cm
Friends drinking coffee, 2014, oil/canvas, 70x90 cm
European bridges, 2014, oil/canvas, 70x65 cm
Self-portrait, 2014, oil/canvas, 100x60 cm
Studio, 2013, oil/canvas, 65x80 cm
Mirabelle with landscape, 2013, oil/canvas, 70x50 cm
Reading in front of the window, 2013, oil/canvas
The dream, 2013, oil/canvas, 60X80 cm
Pipe and napoleons, 2013, oil/canvas, 55x40 cm
Magnolias, 2013, oil/canvas, 60x50 cm
February snowdrops, 2015, oil/canvas, 40x50 cm
Bucharest seen from above, winter, 2013, oil/canvas, 50x80 cm
Autumn leaveas, 2012, oil/canvas, 50x55 cm
Magnolias and the city seen from above, 2012, oil/canvas, 60x40 cm
In the world of yellow waterlilies, 2012, oil/canva, 60X55 cm
The iland in the studio, 2015, oil_canvas, 65x70 cm
Lelia's sculpture, 2012, oil/canvas, 65x50 cm
Model in the studio, woman in red, 2012, oil/canvas, 55x70 cm
Poppies and the city, 2012, oil/canvas,  70x50 cm
Rosehip, 2012, oil/canvas, 45x30 cm
Autumn cups, 2012, oil/canvas, 50x40 cm
Bucharest before the storm, 2012, oil/canvas, 70X100 cm
Cultura, 2011, oil/canvas,  55x50 cm
Friends in the studio, 2011, oil/canvas
The last leaves, 2011, oil/canvas, 50x40 cm
Japanese stamp, 2011, oil/canvas, 100x80 cm
Memories, 2011, oil/canvas, 50x70 cm
Jazz, 2011, oil/canvas, 70x40 cm
Shell, 2010, oil/canvas, 50x40 cm
Pose - the dream, 2010, oil/canvas, 50x40 cm
Jazz and the black lamp, 2010, oil/canvas, 60x40 cm
Lost in the studio, 2010, oil/canvas, 90x70 cm
Fall in Bucharest, 2010, oil/canvas, 50x40 cm
The prints passionate, Ileana, 2010, oil/canvas, 80x50 cm
The water lilies seller, 2009, oil/canvas, 80x70 cm
Snowdrops with Klee, 2009, oil/canvas, 45x30 cm
Snowdrops and clock, 2009, oil/canvas, 45x30 cm
Piero della Francesca, 2009, oil/canvas, 50x40 cm
Lilies, 2009, oil/canvas
The violin player, 2008, oil/canvas, 90x70 cm
Five o’clok, 2008, oil/canvas, 90x70 cm
Self-portrait, 2008, oil/canvas, 50x41 cm
Magnolia, 2008, oil/canvas
Green leaves with black beans, 2008, oil/canvas, 46x38 cm
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